sexual fitness clinic

kashid nagar
pimple gurav
next to siddhi hospital
near kate puram chouk

sexual fitness clinic
Available Facilities
1. Sex therapy for lifetime sexual Fitness
2. Pre Marital Sex counseling.
3. Adolescence sex counseling


1. As age increases blood supply to penis decrease .
In sex therapy we teach you techniques to increase blood supply to penis permanently.

2. As age increases muscle of penis become weak .
Sex therapy helps in making penis muscles strong permanently.
3. As age increases sex hormones testosterone becomes less.
Sex therapy helps to increase it.
4. As age increases semen quality reduces
Sex Therapy improves it.

we clear doubts related to sex in scientific manner.
penis size
sex timing
mastrubation good or bad

we provide scientific
sexual gauidence to newely married and pre maried couple about how to have healthy sexual relationship.

we provide scientific sexual gauidence to adolescen

How to Heal From The Wounds of Sexual Abuse (Stage 3)

This is the 3rd short article on the topic of recovery from the wounds of sexual assault. In this article I will certainly discover the possibility of confronting the perpetrator of the misuse, if the victim feels that this is appropriate action as well as unlikely to trigger them even more injuring.

The Ideal Way to Lengthen Your Erection (And Improve Sexual Performance)

What is the most convenient way to boost my erection size? Is there one, single, singular approach that functions best? Which male improvement techniques are confirmed to function?

Are Your Orgasms Mindblowing?

Are your orgasms truly mind blowing? Do you understand how to get the BIG O? Even your sex can be all that you desire it to be.

Spicing Up a Relationship

A few pointers on just how to spruce up a connection. These methods will certainly bring the sparks back to your bedroom.

Intimacy in Marriage

Affection in marital relationship is just one of one of the most essential foundation to lifelong common happiness with your better half. The most effective means to define intimacy would be to call it a sensation of distance in between each various other that nobody else outside the connection can have with you or your companion.

Femininity – A Uniqueness of Self-Empowerment

The capacity of an ordinary lady is not simply divine yet equivalent to that of men. Maybe strongly observed to be discreetly remarkable in certain aspects of life. In the very early days of formal education and learning, guys were in prominence; with an imperious suppression of womanly social as well as scholastic life.

Penis Inflammation – Five Common Causes of a Swollen Manhood

An irritated penis can be uncomfortable and also might indicate that clinical treatment is required. To aid men identify what may be triggering the swelling, five of one of the most typical inflammatory problems are explained right here.

Meat Pies, Sex and Relationships

What happens when you obtain 45 males in an area with a priest and also a counsellor to go over sex and partnerships over a meat pie as well as a container of coke? Response: a great deal of education and learning, attaching fellowship, as well as encouragement. What adheres to are a few of my ideas from the notes extracted from a Sex and also Relationships “Actual Guy Pie Evening.”

7 Love and Sex Tips For Men To Keep The Spark Alive

What is it a guy can do to keep that spark to life in a marital relationship? These basic pointers will certainly assist you have that sex-related interest which has been missing or never even existed.

How To Make Her Desire You Physically? 2 Hotspots Women Need You To Hit To Get Them Going

As a male, you’ll be attracted to take a look at affection with a lady, as merely being the physical act itself. Yet, as a guy who really intends to achieve success with a female, you require to tailor your assuming to be in tune with what ladies actually experience, and desire, when it concerns intimacy. This suggests that the really initial point you need to get an understanding on, most of all else, is just how to cause a woman’s emotions.

A Super Fast Way to Turn Any Girl On – Do You Know About the Curiosity Technique?

There is a lots of inadequate advice around the internet when it involves the topic of turning a lady on. You see, you will certainly check out all kinds of weird and virtually embarrassing things on various websites on this subject. Yet the large concern still remains – Exactly how do you actually turn a female on?

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