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sexual fitness clinic

kashid nagar
pimple gurav
next to siddhi hospital
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sexual fitness clinic
Available Facilities
1. Sex therapy for lifetime sexual Fitness
2. Pre Marital Sex counseling.
3. Adolescence sex counseling

1. As age increases blood supply to penis decrease .
In sex therapy we teach you techniques to increase blood supply to penis permanently.

2. As age increases muscle of penis become weak .
Sex therapy helps in making penis muscles strong permanently.
3. As age increases sex hormones testosterone becomes less.
Sex therapy helps to increase it.
4. As age increases semen quality reduces
Sex Therapy improves it.

we clear doubts related to sex in scientific manner.
penis size
sex timing
mastrubation good or bad

we provide scientific
sexual gauidence to newely married and pre maried couple about how to have healthy sexual relationship.

we provide scientific sexual gauidence to adolescent

Better Sex for MEN: Important Tips for Healthier Sex and Stronger Erections

Who else finds themselves investing an excessive quantity of time worrying regarding your sex life? Do you find it difficult to maintain an erection? Do you usually wonder what it would certainly require to enhance and enhance your ability to perform?

Orgasm Denial Techniques for Men in Chastity

Among the hardest features of male chastity is actually getting your man to quit himself from cumming. John, my husband, as well as I have actually found a basic and also very sensual and satisfying way to do this, and also I share it with you in this short article.

Male Chastity Benefits

As opposed to popular perception, male chastity rests on a continuum with irreversible male chastity and also climax rejection at one extreme, as well as moderate chastity dip into the other. The male chastity benefits of every factor on the spectrum will depend on your own proneness as well as needs. In this post we take an extensive sight of the topic so you can make an educated decision before handing over those tricks!

Easing Into the Male Chastity Lifestyle

So, just how do you introduce the suggestion of male chastity right into your relationship once you’ve asked your Precious for it? We’ll take a look at one really powerful method carefully in this write-up.

Male Chastity Lifestyle – How to Ask Her for What You Want

So, you’ve done your research and mobilized up the guts to have what I call “The Conversation” with your partner concerning taking those very first few actions down the course of the male chastity way of living. Just how PRECISELY do you ask her for it? I disclose all in this article.

Make Your Husband Your Slave With Male Chastity?

So … your other half tells you he intends to be your servant. I recognize from my own experience what a shock it can be when your spouse brings up the idea of male chastity and also submitting to your will certainly as well as authority. When John did it with me, although he was quite subtle concerning it, it was still a shock. As well as from the guy’s factor of sight, it’s a stressful experience and can take years– actually years– for him to mobilize up the nerve. In this write-up we look at different methods you can both properly tackle this tough area.

Male Chastity Marriage – Mistakes and Myths

I’m here to assist you obtain your other half or lover to give you what you want– major male chastity. And also I actually take it very seriously, since I know, and you’ll involve uncover for on your own, just exactly how incredible male chastity is. Yet reaching that point suggests letting go of possibly whatever you have actually ever before listened to, thought, or believed regarding it. So in this write-up we’re mosting likely to take a look at some of the myths of male chastity and exactly how it connects to marriage.

Denying Male Orgasm – What to Do When He Begs for Mercy

I’m regularly asked by females, “Why do males desire orgasm denial?” and, “I sympathize with him when he says he intends to climax; what should I do?”, or words to that effect. And I can not stress this factor enough: you are not your man. You will probably never ever begin to understand why he wants climax denial a lot. Conversely, if you’re a man analysis this, after that you need to recognize your woman is probably never mosting likely to understand completely what you obtain out of it. However what concerning when you locate it tough to deal with and begin to ask for grace? What can you do then? In this article, you’ll learn …

3 Simple Ways to Please a Woman in Bed

Q: What do ladies TRULY want in bed? What turns them on? What transforms them OFF?

Penis Performance and Alcohol: Friends or Foes?

Externally of points, alcohol feels like a good suggestion when it involves penis performance. Besides just the feel-good feeling of the buzz that follows a couple of drinks, and also seeing potential in partners that a guy may not otherwise think about, guys who are feeling no discomfort may be up for doing all type of kinky points they may not usually want to attempt. Nevertheless, despite the feeling of journey as well as the decreased degree of inhibition, alcohol can really have an adverse effect both on sensitivity and also on penis …

One Night Stands and Shocking Facts About Them

Take care of one-night stand? A lot of people these days are starting to end up being extra careful as for relationships are worried. While most will most likely declare that they are looking for a partner with whom they can spend the remainder of their life with, there are some that openly admit that to take pleasure in and also enjoy with sex, without any type of strings affixed, is a better selection.

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